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My Son

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Let me introduce you to someone
that is very precious
and special in my life!
My Son


Dear Son
Without you my life would have no meaning.
With your many hugs and the "I love you mom"
Makes each day more special.
There is nothing that I won't change,
if I had to do it all over again
- I certainly would in a heart beat.
You may not be born from my body,
but you certainly walked into my heart.
And you have and are my heart!
I will always be grateful and thankful to
the Creator for sending you to me.
Each day when I look at you, I smile
and I know that my life is more richer than
any earthly possession.
Meeg-wetch for allowing me to be your mom.
I will always love you now and forever
and till infinity!
Your mom



You are the greatest love of all.



My son came into my life on a sunny afternoon with boxes of clothes that he could not fit. His only words were Yep or Yup. At the time he was only 3 years old.  He looked around and I took him in my arms, I lifted him up and carried him to his new room. His eyes got big and the smile that appeared on his face was magnificant, he sat on his bed and he could not believe his eyes.  Everything in the room was new, and it all belong to him.
I am not saying that our new life as mom and son was all glory, we had our ups and downs.
Today, I at times sit there and watch my son work on the computer and realize just how special he is to me.
My love for my son can never be replaced with anything in this world.
He continues to grow into a wonderful young man, and like any parent I am proud of his accomplishments.
I will continue to love, support, guide, protect him.
"Love can conquer many trials in life and overcome
any obstacle that is place in ones path!"




My son has a great interest in computers and at times
can be found in paltalk.   He is his own teacher and learned to work with computers, and has taken a class in computers
in highschool. (which I might add he has passed - woo hooo) 
Way to go Son!!!!!!!!




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