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Just Me


Let me see, I began my journey online (internet) April 1999.  Of which time I have meet some great people, and I had my share of the nasty people.  Most of the time the people I meet are pretty nice.  Some have since carried on with their lifes or found partners and rarely see them anymore, but never-the-less they still played a part in my life.   Some have become great friends, and we still keep in contact, while others just dont bother anymore.  Some become e-mail buddies and that is awesome.  Yet, others have found different chat programs - hehehe.  Anyways, so here I am :o) 


I am 43 years old, the mother of one handsome young man who will be 19 this year. .. and he will be off to college.. *pouts* & *cries* :(:(:( Whoa... I am old... *laffs* and I will eventually include a picture of myself some place on this site of mine... hehehe - *grinz*

I grew up along the shores of Lake Superior, in Ontario Canada.  I am presently employed and yup I do work for a living.. hahahaha... I enjoy many things, such as spending quality time with my son, walkin along the shores of Lake Superior, sometimes I will even be brave enough to camp, but definately love watching the sunset and the stars come out at night.
I would like to believe that I am honest, loving, kind, gentle, understanding, openminded, a great friend who is a good listener, never judgemental. I would like to think I am a romantic at heart
(mind you where is the romance? *shock look* lol)
I come from a fairly large family of 9 sisters and two brothers. Both my parents have passed on to the Spirit World and are now angels watching over us here on earth. *smiles*  You will find out more about me and my family throughtout these pages.  That was just a wee small insight *smiles*



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

You Got Mail

Here's a list of some of my favorite Artists and Songs:

Sarah M. - In The Arms Of An Angel
Brooks & Dunn - Angel
C Dion - Seduce Me
Areosmith - I Dont Want To Miss A Thing
S. Twain - From This Moment
S. McCann - Its You, Its You, Its You
Norma Jean - Let's Go All The Way
The Cowsills - Indian Lake
Brooks & Dunn - My Heart Is Lost To You
Rodney Crowell - Loving You Makes Me Strong
There is so many songs that I love,
it is hard to pick just one... *smiles*





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