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Someone Special

Sometimes in life.. we say never again...
will i open my heart up to hurt.. yet..
without expecting anyone to come your way...
you find love.. each time is different..
and you find it does get better...
Well... this is for my best friend..
the one that has won my heart without
my knowing it.. smiles


tis is for you..
you are my life..
you are the air that i breathe
you are the stars in my nights
you are the sun that always shines brightly in my life...
I will always be grateful to you ...
for giving me the opportunity of fallin in love with you.. smiles
life would never be the same again.. sighs
it is a dream that one day will come true..
you and i together now
you and i for always & forever!




This is taken from a card that I sent to my love... smiles
These past few months have been totally awesome.. we started out as friends.. slowly somewhere along the line.. we are here now.. my life has changed for the better because of you.. you make my heart sing.. you make me smile.. I wish that you were here or that I were there... or that we were together anywhere!....Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind.. So.. practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts... I miss you... there will come a day when we can be together.. for now .. we make the best of what we have.. and ummm... learn great patiences.. heheheh...



Getting the hearts in
shape... and
we gonna make it!




They say... only time will tell.. what will happen next..
I simply agree... life is so full of uncertainy...
and you make the best of what is in front of you..
and make memories.. with your special someone..
whether it is through a special song or songs..
sharing special time together in chat.. or
playing games.. or sitting together in a chat room
... through whispers.. *winks*
... through cards... *smiles*
... through phone calls... *sighs*
... through packages sent in the mail.. *winks*
... through voice chat.. *mind you he does the talking and i type* hehehe
and you know in your heart.. that one day ..
you will make memories for keeps in real life..
it is this that keeps you going..
it is through trials .. that make you grow
stronger as a couple...


this is taken from a card that i recieved from my love.. smiles
If you said you were cold
I would wrap my arms around you.
If you said you were thirsty
I would give you the ocean blue
I would give you anything,
The moon, the stars, the sunset too.
This heart in my hands that I
hold out to you.
Take these from me
they are all I have to give.

Take them my love for as
long as I live.
I will love you till
the day I die.
Don't look for reasons
or even question why
If you said you were lonely
I would be there at your side.
If you said you were sad
I would wipe the tears you cried.
Take these from me
they are all I have to give.
keep them my love
for as long as you live.



Friends from the start...
... best friends till the end!



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